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Digital- JA is a small software development company that helps small businesses with the best tech solutions to satisfy their customers’ needs. One of our main goals is to strive for excellence and deliver quality products on time with an excellent user experience.

Our Value

Project delivery
  • Our focus is to deliver great quality products on time and on budget.
  • Trust
  • Transparency is our culture so we will be honest about the project timeline, costs and requirements.
  • Demo every feature until you are satisfied
  • Collaboration
  • We learn from experience this is why customers feedback is important to us
  • We put customers first by listening to their concern
  • We are flexible to change anything during the project life cycle.
  • Our Team


    Ary Santos

    Co-founder / Tester


    Jelson J

    Co-founder / Web Developer / Desiner


    clean code

    We mind writing clean and maintainable code that for other developers to be able to understand or use.

    web design

    We design and code beautifully simple things and we love what we do. Our goals are crafting simple and beautifully designed websites that enhance user engagement.


    We ensure to make a better search engine optimization performance to improve a user ability to generate high quality practice. We ensure to build websites using best search engine optimization

    web development

    We create high quality modern websites to fit our clients’ needs. Creating a strong foundation for any website means understanding HTML and CSS to get a strong architecture.


    We create a fully responsive scalable website that is able to work on any screen, and no matter the size of the device.

    qa & testing

    We mind writing clean and maintainable code that for other developers to be able to understand or use.



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